High Tide Technologies offers a diverse and dynamic selection of technology products. From software to tangible devices, each of our products are developed to solve a specific problem.

Local Gift Directory

Currently accepting new shops

Our local gift directory is an ambitious project to increase the uptake of local shopping habits among urban residents.

Shops are able to add and update their own gifts, which are then dispersed among our multiple websites and advertised by our own methods. The cost for shops to list their gifts is expected to be $0.50/gift/month.

Click below to view the current advertising flyer.

Roommate Wrangler

In Development

Roommate Wrangler is a countertop device that allows roommates to track and divide expenses, manage chores, and record the ownership of shared assets. This device encourages cooperation between roommates through accountability and transparency.

Payment is currently expected to be at an affordable rate of $2 CAD per user, per month.

Initial fee will cost roughly $150 to cover the price of components, but devices in good condition can be returned after use for an 80% refund.

Course Comrade

Version 2.5

Course Comrade was developed to give university students an easier way to manage their due dates, track their progress, and prepare for assessments.

With automatic email reminders and GPA calculations throughout the semester, Course Comrade offers students a wide range of tools to exceed in their studies.

Course Comrade is free to use, and is available at ~90% of Canadian Universities, with more being added continually.


Nova Scholars

Commercial License 3.1 and Institutional License 1.0

The Nova Scholars Students Management Portal (NSSMP) is an affordable software suite dedicated to tutoring organizations.

The commercial license allows tutors to automatically send follow-up emails to parents of students, as well as log their hours in a convenient format for the manager.

On top of these features, the institutional license provides more detailed statistics on taught courses and requires students to approve the hours as logged by the tutor.